Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's articles like THIS and THIS and THIS that really "chap my ass!!" if you'll forgive the expression.

**Update** - I referred to Dan Barry, the NYT columnist as Dave Barry, the Miami humorist. H/T to Ellen, who caught the error over on LOT(L)!)

It's hard enough to be a good, devout, and OBEDIENT Catholic these days, without the likes of Dave Barry, Rudy Giuliani or Nancy Pelosi making it even MORE difficult.

Mr. Barry speaks of his troubles as an "American Catholic" connecting with Pope Benedict, or anything that comes out of Rome. Giuliani and Pelosi made a scandalous mockery of the Church's clear stand on the reception of the Eucharist by public officials who openly endorse abortion.

It got me to thinking. We speak, almost jokingly, about "cafeteria Catholics" or "C&E (Christmas and Easter) Catholics" as if it's really OK. Well, it's NOT OK! If we want to be Catholic, if we want to call ourselves Catholic, then we need to step up to the plate. We're NOT American Catholics. We are Americans who are Roman Catholic. If you think otherwise, then go join the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Fundamentalist or any other Christian church. Because, if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is TRULY present in the Eucharist, if you don't believe that the Pope and bishops are the successors of Peter and the other Apostles, if you don't believe that when our Lord said, "If YOU love ME (emphasis mine - DcnDn) you will keep my commandments" that he meant ALL of them, then you should stop calling yourself a Catholic, and STOP giving non-Catholics a skewed impression of what Catholicism is all about!!


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